Moondog Over the Mekong

From Snubnose Press:


MOONDOVER OVER THE MEKONG: stories of guns, gambling, girls and general mayhem that redraw the borders of crime. This globe-spanning collection rockets you from dirt-road trailer parks to the slums of Bangkok, the gangster underbelly of Tokyo to a postapocalyptic Old West. There’s girls on the run from Russian mobsters in the sex capital of Asia while a retiring crank cooker’s ill-gotten fortune goes up for grabs on a Wyoming backroad. And a whole lot of territory in between. These ain’t your typical crime stories.

“Moondog Over The Mekong” – An American man and a Lao woman on the run in Thailand.

“The Cloud Factory” – The sudden death of a retiring crank cooker propels his best friend into an ill-gotten fortune.

“Twenty-Five Grand” – A human trafficker collecting on an old debt in the slums of Bangkok.

“Our Mutual Friend” – A fugitive builds a new life in the WalMart shadow of the old one.



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