“The Fireline” is up at Flash Fiction Offensive

“The Fireline” is a story I originally wrote four or five years ago.  I was reading a lot of Freud and Marcuse at the time and the piece ballooned to a linked 10,000 word long story, and went nowhere.  A couple months ago, I take a hack-axe to it and came up with the 1000 or words you’re going to go click to right now (right?)  Convenient clickable linky 

A preview:

“We’re going to do it,” Silas said. “With or without your say-so.”

Pa scrabbled down the roof and leaped off the eave, coming up spry as a jackrabbit. He strode within a pace of them. The boys stepped back.

“Is it true, Lord?” Pa said. “Did I raise up a pack of back-talking hellions?”

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