“The Cloud Factory” gets nominated for a Spinetingler Award

I didn’t even know I was in the running, but “The Cloud Factory,” has been nominated for a Spinetingler Award for Best Story on the Web. To say I’m bowled over by this would maybe start to begin to describe the feeling.

“The Cloud Factory” first appeared in PANK in September 2011 – you can read it here.

The award is decided democratically. So, here are the stories to read. Then go cast your vote for the best one. If that happens to be “The Cloud Factory,” I wouldn’t be displeased.

These guys know who you should vote for.

So does she.

Don't make Sparkle Girl angry. Do like she says. (Click for sparkles.)

I’m honored to be mentioned among the likes of the incomparable Stephen Graham Jones, Hilary Davidson, Matthew C. Funk, Peter Farris, Nigel Bird, William Dylan Powell, David James Keaton (hey buddy!),¬†Atul Sabharwal, and William Dylan Powell.

Vote here. Thank you much.

10 thoughts on ““The Cloud Factory” gets nominated for a Spinetingler Award

  1. Court Merrigan

    Thanks, David. Very much appreciated. I see that Beat To A Pulp is all over the Spinetinglers, too, as is right and proper.

  2. Court Merrigan

    Thanks, man. Pulp Ink’s a hell of a collection – you guys just might well clean up.

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