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A personalized rejection from my end – Rejections #161 & 162 – Witness and Electric Literature

Electric Literature thanks me &tc., but I have a personal connection to this form rejection.  A couple years ago when Electric Literature was just starting out  and I was a writer for TeleRead, they were looking for publicity and contacted me and I wrote a couple pieces on their project, including one piece that was not favorable to the story/animation in question, but very complimentary of what Electric Literature was trying to do.  I was in touch with the co-Editors, and they seemed like nice guys.

So, a couple years later, I have a piece I think might work for them.  I write them.  Before, when I was spreading the good word, they’d get back to me within hours.  Now, nothing.  Well, fair enough, I decide.  Guess I shouldn’t be trying to jump the queue that way.  So I send them my story like anyone else, though I do mention our past connection in the cover letter.

Was I trying to use a personal connection to help get published?  Hell yes, I was. 

Little that it mattered.  After a standard 192-day wait, I got the standard auto-reject, with nary a word of my past word-spreading on their behalf.

No question, having connections helps in getting published.  But not all connections were created equal.  The tenuous ones – like as not they help not at all.

Meanwhile, Witness admired many elements of my work, but have decided the manuscript isn’t right for them.