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New stuff that happened in 2014

Wow, haven’t posted here in a while – all the action’s over on Twitter and FB, when there is action, which is irregular.

Which is not to say nothing has been going on. To wit:

My story “Bad Brother” went up at the always bad-ass Plots With Guns.


My story “The Cloud Factory” was translated into German. How cool is that????


The ever-cool Amanda Gowin interviewed me at Curiouser & Curiouser – coolest thing about the interview is we spend not one word talking about writing.


I also had a story called “A Straight Face” go up at the Chaing Mai City News site – for all I’ve written and am writing about Thailand, kinda crazy this is my first actual in-Thailand publication.

chiang mai cn

Finally, Liam Sweeny reviewed Moondog. In his words:

Most of the stories take place in Thailand, Laos, and other places in East Asia, while some are set in America. Thailand, specifically Bangkok, was a place that, before I read Moondog, was a place that seemed too chaotic and jumbled for me to hold it in my mind. When I realized the stories took place there, I was afraid I wasn’t going to like the collection. But Merrigan was able to capture the essence of it, to lift the veil of the Eastern world and show the grit and the grime, the hopes and crimes of a place that has a culture very different than mine, but nonetheless had the same heart. Merrigan was a perfect tour guide here.

md review

… and let’s hope there’s more, lots more, to come in 2015.

Rejection update: winter is still here

 Another month, another crop of rejections, and meanwhile, the groundhog, who deigns to share his birthday with me, said winter was still coming. Indeedy.

Plots With Guns professes an admiration of my prose, but considered the story I sent them to be, among other errors, too sketchy. Noted.

Included in my postal dead-tree rejection from Michigan Quarterly Review was a nice handwritten note, indicating that there were strengths in the story, but not enough of them, in a row.

(EDIT: In fact the first page of a story, edited, did not come from MQR, but from New Letters.) Also included was the first page of the story which included some editing marks which, I regret to say, indicated a certain intolerance for complicated literary syntax. Also, I am not sure why a story that was to be rejected, was edited. But hey, at least I know it got read, right?

And all the other rejections through 2/6/12 (I’ve gone 10 days without a rejection, and received an acceptance in between – hurrah) are on the Failure page.

Rejections #213-222: Ellery Queen, Ideomancer, Apex, Bull, Unstuck, Word Riot, Plots With Guns, Pulp Modern, Storyglossia, Barrelhouse

Hey, did you know there is a Rejection Wiki out there? Well, there is.  I’ll be adding all my rejection letters there from now on.  If you’re a writer, and you’re being rejected (I repeat myself), head on over and contribute.  I’ll all for lifting the shroud of secrecy that hovers over this submitting stuff.

Okay, on with the show.

Plots With Guns kindly considered a story that was 1000 words below their usual minimum requirement, which I appreciated.  Unfortunately, they found it to be a little too elliptical.  Not to worry, though – since I submitted the original piece, I’ve written a sequel, and good-hearted Sean O’Kane, editor, agreed to look at the two in tandem.  I’ll keep you posted.

Pulp Modern still ain’t buying what I’m selling, but I’ve submitted again because it’s an inaugural issue, and dammit, I want in there.

Ideomancer was “intrigued by the situation set up, but found the ending’s implications more interesting than the story itself.”  That hurts, a little, but I appreciate the comment.

Unstuck enjoyed the story and hopes I will submit again.  Okay.  Maybe I will.

Apex’s letter reads like a next-of-kin letter: We regret to inform you &c.  Don’t worry, Apex.  I’m not taking it that seriously.

Kevin O’Cuinn of Word Riot and I have played our last round of I-send-’em, he-rejects-’em for a while.  As with elimae, I don’t have any more stories coming down the pike that he’s likely to appreciate.

Ellery Queen gave my story careful consideration &c.

My story isn’t exactly what Bull is looking for.

Storyglossia appreciated &c.

Barrelhouse thanks me &c.