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Interview in the Star-Herald

My local newspaper, the Star-Herald, and its sister publications, ran a nice article on me today. Pretty good boiling down of why I came home: for family and the land.  Wish the novel was published, rather than still in “goal” stage.  Well, I’m working on it.  Just have to get an agent to agree that it’s worth putting out there in the world.

I rambled on and on in the interview, but thankfully it doesn’t show.  No doubt there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

As an aside, during the course of the interview I mentioned half a dozen or more authors to whom I am indebted.  The only one to make the papers was Faulkner.  Coincidentally, I ran across a link this morning that listed the ole Dixie Express as the greatest writer of all time (ahead of Shakespeare, Milton, Nabokov, Homer, Dickens, Dante, and Doestoyevsky).  I wouldn’t list him so high, I don’t think, even if he is my personal favorite, but it was some good synchronicity nonetheless.

The writer, Katie Bradshaw, blogs about Wyobraska here.