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Rejections #237 – 244 – Needle punches me in the gut, plus bonus higher-tiered rejections

Needle punched me in the gut again, kindly.  A nice couple paragraphs on why they weren’t going to take this piece.  To sum up: the piece wasn’t developed enough.  I shall persist.  I am persisting.  I sent them another story this morning.

The Other Room liked the writing, but felt the story (an experimental piece) was a little too loosely tethered.  To what, I’d like to know.

My latest Fantasy rejection was worded slightly differently, slightly more encouragingly than the last few!  A higher tiered rejection.  I’m taking it as progress.

Ditto from Bellevue Literary Review.  The Literary Rejection Wiki tells me so.

Glimmer Train, however, sent me the same old, same old rejection.

New Plains Review took 198 days to decide not to use my material.

Nano appreciates the chance &c.

Rejections #188, 189, 190, 191 – Glimmer Train, Eclectica, Revolution House, Glimmer Train

After careful consideration, Eclectica have decided &c.

Glimmer Train appreciated the opportunity &c.

Revolution House sent me a very strange rejection, to the effect (I think) that it touched on too many “big issues.”

Glimmer Train appreciated the opportunity &c. (Yup, submitted there twice, to the same result.)