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Rejections #227 – 236

Too many to list in the title.  And worry not: acceptance news is forthcoming.  2 parcels of news, actually.  (You can take a sneak peek in the Published Short Stories page, if you’d like.)

Needle wanted something more developed.  This one stung.  I really wanted in that mag; and now they’re posting on FB that they’ve filled the next two (!) issues.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies sent along a long personal rejection, but a rejection nonetheless.  This one also stung.  I worked for weeks on the story I sent them, and had them in mind all along.   To the point where I am actually reworking the story, to send to them again.

Hey another one that stung – Shotgun Honey wants me to keep ’em coming.  Just not this one.  This one from a mag that’s already published a piece of mine.  I’m not going to lie – it’s a little maddening.  I shall persist.

Flashquake tells me I made it to Round 2, but no further.

Minnesota Review thanks me &c.

Esquire appreciated &c.

Ellery Queen thanks me but &c.

Southeast Review took 290 days to decide the piece didn’t fit the needs of their journal.

Lit took 180 days to decide likewise.

Southern Humanities Review cannot be bothered to use their full name in a form rejection email, preferring SHR.  I cannot be bothered to type out any portion of their form rejection (even though my not bothering took more characters than it would have to abbreviated their rejection.  Look, I have to have some standards.).

Acceptance news forthcoming.

Rejections #173, 174, 175, 176 – Weird Tales, Flashquake, The Reprint, Apex

The rejection from The Reprint felt a little weird because, as the mag name suggests, the story I sent in has been previously published.  So, you know, it’s already gone through the approval process.  Felt like it ought to be rubber-stamped.  Obviously this is not the case; different editors, different magazines, &c &c &c.  Just goes to show you arbitrary the whole publication process really is.

Flashquake thought my piece would work better as part of a novella or even a novel.  Which is good in one sense because that’s just what it is – an excerpt from a novel manuscript.  What it shows is that I didn’t strip it down enough to be a stand-alone piece in its own right.  So the critique is appreciated.

Weird Tales thanks me but unfortunately will have to pass &c.

My story does not currently meet the needs of Apex.