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Jailbait Justice is a cracking good read

Jailbait Justice, by Danny Hogan, is one cracking good read.  23,000 words of pure pulp fun and at $2.99 on the Kindle, a pure steal.  Imaginative without skimping on the blood or the story.

I will tell you this, hand on heart, I ain’t good for much at all.  I can cook a meal fair enough and, when a nice tune kicks up, I have been known to dance in a way that’d attract the fellas like bees around honey.  That was about it except, of course, for killing.  And, in these wretched times, where a girl’s only chance is her old .44, it ain’t a bad thing to be good at.

Titular character Jezebel Misery St. Etienne (easily wins this year’s prize for coolest character name) is a gun for hire in postapocalypse Texas.  True enough, there are a couple plot holes here and there, but not so’s you notice enough to ruin the fun.  One of those books that will keep you reading just for the sheer joy of it.  Go grab it.  Published by the UK’s Pulp Press.