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I assault PANK with crank-fueled crime

Finally, finally, finally my story in PANK has gone live.  You’ll recall that PANK rejected six other stories before taking The Cloud Factory.  I am grateful to Roxane Gay and Brad Green for agreeing that this story was up to snuff.

This story is important to me in another way, too – with this story I really, really began telling stories again.  Which is to say, putting story before pretty sentences.  Judge for yourself if you think it works out.  You can’t comment over at PANK so please feel free to comment here, if you’d like.

A preview:

Jimmy brought nothing but a duffel bag.  He strapped the bag in the bed of my decrepit Chevy.

“My last ride,” he said climbing in the cab.  “You’re riding home alone, Gary.”

“You serious?” I said.

“As a house fire.  Take me to the bus depot.”

I pulled away from the dirt alley onto the street.