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Rejections #249 – 257: formology

Form rejections every one:

Clarkesworld thanks me &c.

Quarterly West appreciates &c.

Fence took 318 days to appreciate &c.

Gettysburg’s Review mailed rejection failed to arrive, but the office manager confirmed it via email.

Lightspeed will pass.

Los Angeles Review enjoyed my writing but &c.

The Journal thanks me &c.

It took Iron Horse 334 days to discover my story didn’t meet their current needs.


Rejections #193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198 – Intergalactic Medicine Show, Onirismes, Dirty Noir, Smokelong Quarterly, Clarkesworld, Not One Of Us

They’ve been piling up.  Two more, and I’ll be at 200 rejections in just under a year.   I’ve got more good news in the next post, though, so I’m going to get these out of the way.

The editor at Dirty Noir sent me the most congenial rejection I’ve ever received, three paragraphs long.  The next thing to being accepted, really.  He encouraged me send again, and I already have.

(I should note that I once received a rejection from Flywheel that was just as congenial, actually; David James Keaton, the editor, said he was arguing on the phone with a co-editor about the piece.  That’s not only congenial, it’s downright heart-cockle-warming.)

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show thanks me &c.

Onirismes studied my story, then sent me a rejection with someone else’s name attached.  I will say that when I notified them of this, they acknowledged the mistake.  Though they didn’t take the story.

Clarkesworld thanks me, but &c.

Smokelong hopes I find a better fit elsewhere.

Not One Of Us wins the brevity prize – one line that they won’t be using this story.

Rejections #177, 178, 179 – TriQuarterly, Clarkesworld, Shotgun Honey

Some day.  All these arrived in my inbox today (and there’s still a good two and a half hours of day to go):

Clarkesworld thanks me but the story isn’t quite &c.

TriQuarterly thanks me, but the story doesn’t &c.

Shotgun Honey thanks me for taking the time but &c.