“Some Place” is up at Necessary Fiction

My story “Some Place” is up at Necessary Fiction.  I wrote this story while I was still living in Thailand, thinking about America from a tropical distance, reflecting on my days working as a surveyor, mostly on subdivisions in Colorado (sorry, Colorado).

It took me 5 tries to crack this market and it finally happened with a story I wasn’t really sure had legs or not … a further lesson that all you can do is write the story as best you can and then let editors and / or the market decides its relative value.

A big thanks to Steve Himmer for accepting the piece, and for some very deft editing.  A sampler:

“Yep,” said Jeffroach. “From now on, be plenty of time for me to get to what I like.”

“Guess she’s going to stay in there,” said Thom.

“Fixing up old trucks. That’s mostly what I like. Take this puppy here. Wasn’t much more than a bucket of rusted-up bolts when I found her. But I got her going. Been a struggle, let me tell you, with ole horseface all the time throwing bottles at me.”

“Empty ones?”

“Don’t you know it. She ain’t about to give over a bottle she ain’t finished with. She’d say it was throwing bad liquor after a worse man. You ought to hear her sometime.”

2 thoughts on ““Some Place” is up at Necessary Fiction

  1. Carol Deminski

    Congratulations Court on the new piece in Necessary Fiction. It’s a great feeling to know the editor’s got your back. I’ve had some experiences along those lines this year too and it’s been so positive.

  2. Court Merrigan

    Thanks, Carol! It’s fun breaking through, when you finally start to. I see from you blog you have, too – getting into PANK, especially, is tough! (I should know – I’m a reader there now.) Thanks for stopping by.

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