Savage posts poems

The poet Norman Savage, whose autobiography Junk Sick I reviewed here, has begun posting poems on his blog. You don’t want to miss them.

Some of these originally appeared in the countercultural magazine Changes, started by Susan Graham Mingus, wife of Charles Mingus. The poem “Sunday” came complete with pictures by Andy Warhol. (Unfortunately Savage is unable to upload them.) That’s all right. The poem speaks for itself. An excerpt:


body repose,
mind nomadic;
constant flux even on the day
of rest. all is quiet. the rape
goes on. and on. coercing
lover over food, soft beverages
and burps of what happened
during the preceding six days.
it is boring,
with feeling.
slick, sophisticate gray-haired
news shows are on t.v. tell us
nothing. except that you can’t catch
the week on one days notice.

He’s put up eight poems so far and tells me he’s planning on putting up more. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll soon see an e-book poetry collection.

Having just returned to the US as I have, my favorite is “No Mistake”. It’s not often a writer hits the nail smack on the head in just 14 words:


The way back home
is not always
the easiest.
Poe’s fall
was not

Norman Savage
Coney Island