Rejections # 258 & 259

I did a rewrite for Pulp Modern but it still didn’t make the cut.  AC over there digs the dealing with other cultures but not the narrative structure.  He did invite me to send him more, though. Frustrating with a dash of hopefulness.

Hot Metal Bridge regrets &c.

6 thoughts on “Rejections # 258 & 259

  1. Court Merrigan Post author

    Yeah, and I appreciate the note from him, too. Judging from the Pulp Modern #1, he’s hitting that 200%, I’d say. Thanks for stopping by, Ben.

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    Am in the process of doing so, sir. Thanks for the words of encouragement and stopping by!

  3. Nicolette Wong

    You aim high and work on it consistently, you know! If only I had the drive to work on this submission thing to big name journals half as hard as you do…I’m sure my acceptance rate would be just as low, if not lower :)

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