Rejections #249 – 257: formology

Form rejections every one:

Clarkesworld thanks me &c.

Quarterly West appreciates &c.

Fence took 318 days to appreciate &c.

Gettysburg’s Review mailed rejection failed to arrive, but the office manager confirmed it via email.

Lightspeed will pass.

Los Angeles Review enjoyed my writing but &c.

The Journal thanks me &c.

It took Iron Horse 334 days to discover my story didn’t meet their current needs.


4 thoughts on “Rejections #249 – 257: formology

  1. David A. Mulis

    Rejection can certainly be difficult, especially when it’s vague and unhelpful. But every once in a while, you get shot down with PIZAZZ. Witness this:

    a story transcending the mass–
    we hoped that we’d found it at last,
    but page-turning plot
    is something it’s not
    we’re sorry–we’ll just have to pass

    Rejection in rhyme from Daikaijuzine! …and they recently folded. Not that anyone should take pleasure in that…

    BTW: The Patch was a solid little short. It made me think of Einstein’s comment on the weaponry we’ll use in World War IV.

    Keep hammering. Your stuff is good.

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    Damn – in rhymes???? I’ve never gotten a rejection anywhere near so, um, time-consuming as that.

    Thanks for the kind words on The Patch and my stuff in general. Surely the last time I’ll ever be mentioned in connection with Einstein …

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