Rejections #213-222: Ellery Queen, Ideomancer, Apex, Bull, Unstuck, Word Riot, Plots With Guns, Pulp Modern, Storyglossia, Barrelhouse

Hey, did you know there is a Rejection Wiki out there? Well, there is.  I’ll be adding all my rejection letters there from now on.  If you’re a writer, and you’re being rejected (I repeat myself), head on over and contribute.  I’ll all for lifting the shroud of secrecy that hovers over this submitting stuff.

Okay, on with the show.

Plots With Guns kindly considered a story that was 1000 words below their usual minimum requirement, which I appreciated.  Unfortunately, they found it to be a little too elliptical.  Not to worry, though – since I submitted the original piece, I’ve written a sequel, and good-hearted Sean O’Kane, editor, agreed to look at the two in tandem.  I’ll keep you posted.

Pulp Modern still ain’t buying what I’m selling, but I’ve submitted again because it’s an inaugural issue, and dammit, I want in there.

Ideomancer was “intrigued by the situation set up, but found the ending’s implications more interesting than the story itself.”  That hurts, a little, but I appreciate the comment.

Unstuck enjoyed the story and hopes I will submit again.  Okay.  Maybe I will.

Apex’s letter reads like a next-of-kin letter: We regret to inform you &c.  Don’t worry, Apex.  I’m not taking it that seriously.

Kevin O’Cuinn of Word Riot and I have played our last round of I-send-’em, he-rejects-’em for a while.  As with elimae, I don’t have any more stories coming down the pike that he’s likely to appreciate.

Ellery Queen gave my story careful consideration &c.

My story isn’t exactly what Bull is looking for.

Storyglossia appreciated &c.

Barrelhouse thanks me &c.

4 thoughts on “Rejections #213-222: Ellery Queen, Ideomancer, Apex, Bull, Unstuck, Word Riot, Plots With Guns, Pulp Modern, Storyglossia, Barrelhouse

  1. Chris Rhatigan

    I’ll jump on the rejection bandwagon. I had a good little streak going before but now it’s turned around.

    I tried to get a reprint of a story about a psychotic reporter in the antho JOBBED but they unceremoniously canned my ass.

    I’ve got a horrorish piece that’s making the rounds. Bosley Gravel’s Calvacade of Terror said it was “fun” but they weren’t going to take it, encouraged me to submit again. Dark Fire Fiction said the writing was good but the plot was a bit absurdist for their taste. (Absurdism is what I was going for, so I guess that’s good.)

    PWG and Pulp Modern are very tough markets. Really excellent writers (such as yourself) get turned down from those consistently. I’ve got something I might send to Pulp Modern. We’ll see if it works out.

    By the way, your piece over at Shotgun Honey was some rockin stuff.

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    Hey Chris, thanks for joining the parade over here again.

    Yeah, I got quickly and matter-of-factly shot down by Jobbed, too.

    Hey, why not send something to Pulp Modern? I bet he could use something on the level of what you’re throwing out there, those other editors notwithstanding.

    Re: Shotgun Honey – thanks, man. Glad you liked it.

  3. Chris Rhatigan

    Hey Court,

    Yeah I’ve been thinking about sending something to Pulp Modern. Haven’t come up with anything that fits the bill quite yet. I don’t tend to write that long. I had this story about a serial killer in the zombie apocalypse (I know, really high-brow stuff) but haven’t been able to bring it to fruition.

  4. Court Merrigan Post author

    Hey Chris,

    Keep pounding on it. I don’t think AC’s quite ready to close subs. He’s rejected me twice so far but I keep flinging stuff his way. Keep thinking sooner or later something will stick.

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