Rejections #153 & 154 – Allegory and Post Road

Got a nice personal note from the assistant editor at Allegory, J.E. Taylor.  He felt it was a good story overall, but too much telling, not enough showing.

Post Road appreciates the opportunity &tc, but overall the submission was not a right fit.

3 thoughts on “Rejections #153 & 154 – Allegory and Post Road

  1. Nicolette Wong

    It makes a bit of a difference, when I get a personal note like that from an editor telling me where the story falls short. The few times it’s happened for me, I didn’t rewrite the story, but the insights were good for my later works.

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    It certainly is a world of difference to have someone acknowledge the story existed, rather than just hit the “auto-reject” button. I appreciate it when it happens; it’s just that I’d rather have an acceptance. :)

  3. Nicolette Wong

    Ah, but you know, sometimes those comments that come with rejections could help you raise your game! Good luck, man.

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