Rejections #146, 147, 148, 149 – Necessary Fiction, Used Furniture Review, Ascent, Shimmer

The editor at Shimmer, E. Catherine Tobler, included a nice note with her rejection that included a very useful comment on the story.  She encourages me to try Shimmer again.  I appreciate the kind words, and I will.

Steve, the editor at Necessary Fiction, also included some very useful comments on the submitted story in his rejection note.  His points are frankly spot on, and in fact I’m going to rewrite the story in question with these suggestions in mind.  It’s great when an editor does some editing, rather than just hitting the auto-reject button; it means (I think) that your story has some legs, you just have to get it over the hump.  Steve also wishes me luck.  Thanks, Steve. 

Ascent appreciates the opportunity, but my submission is not right for them.

Used Furniture Review wants me to know that my submission isn’t “bad;” it just isn’t what they are looking for.