Puffing my chest out

Got a pretty cool birthday present from my mom:

Yep, you guessed it. ┬áThat’s a Nabokov T-shirt.

7 thoughts on “Puffing my chest out

  1. NYNate

    you know, if you turned your head just a little to the left, stood on the other side of the window, and wiped that damn smile off your face, you’d look a lot like the guy on your shirt.

  2. Tman

    It’s probably good that you didn’t get the Lolita version. the neighbors might have looked at you funny.

  3. Traveler Jim - Jim Miller

    You’re looking good Court!
    I am quite sure your Thailand students would also agree…
    They loved you so and greatly miss you. That, I am sure.
    You were a fine teacher of English to Thais.
    Hope you are “loving it” in your new digs and hometown…
    And, you are much, much closer to those plain M&M’s you love so much :-)
    Take good care,

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