Me, writer with kids

This is what having kids is almost never like.

The money quote: “I may be blaspheming the Holy Writ of The American Church Of All-Consuming Parenthood but I’m going to say it anyway: I’d be a better writer without kids. But so what. I only learned what love was when I held that little baloney loaf for the first time. Love is nothing if not sacrifice. No words I’ll ever scribble will hold a torch to that.”

The rest is over at Cari’s Luna’s place.  She did me a solid and interviewed me about being a writer, with kids. Have a read, leave a comment.

8 thoughts on “Me, writer with kids

  1. Carol Deminski

    I know they say time expands to accomodate all the things you wind up doing with it… and I think it’s true to a certain extent. When I’m busy, REALLY busy with life and things other than writing, it’s often when I wind up doing more writing because my imagination gets stimulated by all the stuff I’m doing.

    But then again, I don’t have kids, so that’s a whole other master-level of time sink I’m unfamiliar with…

    Court, something tells me you are a great dad, despite having to juggle your creative pursuits and your family. :-)

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    Hey thanks, Carol. I like to think so but probably it depends on the day.

    Kids are endless pits of need, God love ’em, at least when they’re small. This can be hard to take sometimes; but other times it’s really good fun.. Fortunately, they go to bed real early and now both sleep through the night, which is a luxury unto itself!

  3. Punk Rock Warlord

    I CANNOT believe that you twitterated about cereal. Look what you have become!

    PS- I CAN totally believe your success. If only you were also a Giants fan And a hotshoot writer!

    1. Court Merrigan Post author

      What, are you saying that a lack of Lucky Charms in the morning isn’t a major life issue?

      Go Royals!

  4. Lizzy

    I’m curious – why do you say you would be a better writer without kids, when you feel you’re a better person without them? Surely being a better person influences your writing? Not a writer, and don’t have kids, so I was wondering :)

  5. Court Merrigan Post author

    Hello Lizzy, mainly it’s a matter of time and distraction. I’d have a lot more of the former and a lot less of the latter if the rugrats weren’t around all the time, demanding affection and food and shelter and so forth. Not being one of those born with massive talent, for me, more words down = better writer.

    But so it goes, right? I just got back from the latest Long March – 4 year old on bike, 1 year old in wagon, 10 week old puppy on leash, to the park and back. Who knows what paragraphs got sacrificed to that little outing. I don’t, and so what.

    Do you agree? Not everyone does …

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