March Maudlin – Rejection tally nearing 300

297 rejections. Count ’em. Redstone Science Fiction says, “This was a well-done post-apocalyptic piece, and while it isn’t quite what we’d like, we definitely hope that you’ll submit other work in the future. ¬†We like what you did here.”

Oh, I’ll submit again, believe you me. Meanwhile I’m stuck in the literary friend zone.

The others in the newly updated Rejection list had nothing to say their auto-reject form couldn’t say better.

3 thoughts on “March Maudlin – Rejection tally nearing 300

  1. Carol Deminski

    Damn man, that hurts. My March has been much of the same, wading through the rejection slips and my last acceptance was about a month ago. I get itchy when too much time goes by between acceptances.

    But you are a glutton for punishment Court. I feel like I see The Paris Review on your list every time. I know you’ll say it is, but I don’t know if it’s worth the postage.

    Question for you on Press 53. That’s the company out of North Carolina that prints short story collections, right? Did you send them a submission for a collection? That’s kind of exciting all by itself. I seem to recall they print 8 or so collections a year. I’ve purchased at least one Press 53 short story collection (called Bad Monkey) and I’d buy from their label again. :-)

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    What can I say, Carol, I’m a masochist. I think it’s in the job description, ain’t it?

    I did send them a submission for a SS collection. They’re one of the few actively seeking such a beast. They also put out storySouth which is always a damn fine collection. I think that’s how I heard of them to start.

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