Kris Kristofferson update

I paid some homage to Kris Kristofferson on Christmas Eve.  Now Nathan Rabin over at The Onion’s AV Club Nashville Or Bust feature is getting in the act:

Over the course of this project, I’ve written about a rogue’s gallery of drunks, ne’er-do-wells, and scoundrels, larger-than-life icons who lived fast, died young, and left behind desiccated, ghoulish corpses. That all ends with today’s entry in Nashville Or Bust, however, as I cover the dry, colorless, almost perversely uninteresting Kris Kristofferson.

Kristofferson is just your typical Army brat turned championship college rugby player turned Rhodes Scholar/expatriate Oxford alum turned Army captain/helicopter pilot turned recording-studio janitor turned hit songwriter turned recording artist turned producer turned movie star turned living legend turned primary inspiration for the role that will probably win Jeff Bridges a long-overdue Oscar this year. When he left the military, Kristofferson wrestled with a choice every country singer has faced, from Jimmie Rodgers to Taylor Swift: whether to accept a post teaching English Literature at West Point, or pursue his dreams of becoming a songwriter.

Well worth a read.  Here’s a soundtrack.

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