“Gun In Your Mouth And All” & “The Order of Things”

Two pieces up in two days at two separate places. So I’m going to break the pattern by not doing double posts.

Gun In Your Mouth And All” is another excerpt from an unpublished novel manuscript and it’s in Yellow Mama. (Yellow Mama was the nickname for a famous electric chair in Alabama.) It’s a nasty piece, full of venomous vim and vigor. You’ll love it. Cindy Rosmus, the editor, said, “Court Merrigan’s ‘Gun in Your Mouth and All’ tells of a guy who’s fed up with hearing about his dead daddy’s cowardice. That about covers it.

This story includes some original artwork (shown at left) by Steve Cartwright. It’s not every day you get your story illustrated and I think he did a fine job of capturing Rhonda’s particular brand of slatternly slouch.

I’d like to thank Cindy for some very helpful editorial suggestions that really improved the flow and the ending – especially the ending – of this little ditty.

Other excerpts from this novel have appeared in Fried Chicken & Coffee, Midwestern Gothic, and decomP (linkys up in the Writing page). With a bit of luck, this novel may someday see the light of day. It’s good to go now, if, you know, you’re and agent and / or editor and / or publisher reading this.

I’ve long wanted to place a piece in 3:AM. Besides the effortlessly cool moniker, everything they publish gleams with cerebral appeal. I got my chance, finally, when Editor Susan Tomaselli took up my story “The Order of Things.”

This story is a definite departure from my recent blood- and whisky-soaked pulp salvos. A trickster story couched in some musings on the nature of the Hand of God in some nameless American (yep, American) place three generations after the Crisis. The ancient antimonies do not depart regardless of the age or its barbarity.

I wrote this story shortly after reading A Canticle for Leibowitz and I was, at the time, also knee-deep in Nabokov. Both those hifalutin influences left their palm prints all over “The Order of Things.” To its great benefit, no doubt but yeah, no explosions or shootings or anything. Don’t worry, though – plenty more of that coming down the pike.

Thanks for reading! Neither site has a comment form, so if you want to leave some comments here, I’ll be happy to cuss and discuss with you.

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  1. Carol Deminski

    Congrats Court! Two stories at a clip, that’s fantastic! I also like the illustration of your character…it must be exciting to see one of your figments come to life like that, I totally dig it.

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