Donigan Merritt goes e-bookin' – buy it

Noted author Donigan Merritt has made his 1982 debut, One Easy Piece, available as a Kindle book.

Here is what Donigan has to say about it:

One Easy Piece was my first published novel; it came out in late 1982, before I had finished work for the MFA degree from Iowa, which I received in December of that year. It has been out of print for just less than forever, although in its day it sold very well. It’s been a while, but one word sticks out as common among the newspaper reviews of its day: harrowing. Yes, I think it is harrowing reading.

One Easy Piece was originally titled “The Devil You Know,” which is the novel’s epigram — few of the original titles of my books have made it all the way to publication. The basic idea, or theme, of this novel came from a program aired on “60 Minutes” back then about wife abuse and a look into the lives of women hiding out in a “safe house.” What most intrigued me about the story was how many of the women were forgiving of their abusers, how many had returned to the man, or would return. My wondering about this eventually lead to the story of this novel. Conversations with three women who had been abused by husbands or boyfriends constituted the bits of pieces that created the characters here.

One Easy Piece costs less than a Starbucks latte and has traveled almost three decades to reach you.  Go pick it up.

Donigan also plans on releasing it in iPad and Nook format soon.

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