Cherries blossoming

It may be frigid here in the Purple State, but over in Japan it’s get drunk under trees, er, cherry blossom time.

Ueno Park in Tokyo is a prime spot to get your blossoming on and the Idle Monkey Trainer was there for the action.

Besotted dancing in “traditional” clothes next to mounds of garbage: now that’s a good time.

One thought on “Cherries blossoming

  1. keiko

    Senjitsu Inokashira Koen ni ohanami ni itte kimashita. Hito ga takusan imashita. Gaikokujin mo takusan imashita. Tai no biru ga utte imashita. Ebisu biru mo arimashita. Minna sakura wa minaide nondari syabettari tanoshinde imashita.

    Ojiichan wa genki desuka? Yashago is a big present for him.

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