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Yessir, it ain’t all gloom out there. Good folks abound.

Farmers finish harvest for one who can’t



The oil race is on in Goshen County

When an oil company drops a cool million to lease a parcel of grassland, you can bet they aren’t planning on putting up a scenic walkway for the citizens to enjoy in the cool of the evenings, disaster in the gulf notwithstanding.  Maybe even because of it, come to think of it.  If the Gulf’s off-limits, the oil has to come from somewhere, right?  Right? From the Torrington Telegram:

In a near all-time record sale, the State of Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments sold roughly 300 parcels of land in and near the potentially oil-rich Niobrara Formation in last week’s special auction in Cheyenne, netting $42 million for the state, just short of the record of $45 million set in May.

Goshen County dominated in mineral lease sales, auctioning 170 parcels and selling their mineral rights for a total of approximately $24.5 million.

Goshen County’s where we live, and if it’s not quite the Promised Land, Wyoming’s head of state mineral leasing did name it a “sweet spot.”

Surely it's the first time that has happened to this place.

“Goshen was a big seller,” Kemp said. “East of 1-25 is the sweet spot. It’s thermally mature and rich and is part of what was once Western Interior Seaway. It used to be filled with microorganisms, and (Goshen County) happens to be where it’s really rich in organic material.”

By “organic material,” I presume he is referring to sweet, sweet crude.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll find a gusher of bubbling crude under my house.

And then I could be like this guy.