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I think Nagai would have approved of The Road

Doubtless Nagai Kafu was being sarcastic in his envisioned movie plot, but I think he would have approved of Cormac McCarthy’s earthshattering uber-post-apocalyptic The Road being made into a film.  After many long delays, it is evidently set for US release on November 25, according to Imdb.  Evidently they’ve hewed closely to the plot, meaning the movie has a chance to follow in the book’s footsteps and become possibly the darkest and finest production of the 21st century. cmccarthy_theroad

The trailer seems to indicate as much.  I was stunned into a state of despondency by the book, yet I immediately turned back to Page 1 to re-read.  Anticipating the movie, I’ve never been excited to be made so gloriously unhappy.

Technical difficulties prevent me from embedding the trailer in this post.  You can watch it here.

Cormac McCarthy achieves immortality via The Simpsons

Sure, he’s won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award and been on Oprah and what have you, but Cormac McCarthy’s place in history is now secure with the latest episode of The Simpsons.  Wherein No Country For Old Men baddy Anton Chigurh puts in an appearance as a Waverly Hills school inspector.  Best moment: when he validates Homer’s parking with his airhose.

Anton Chigurh

McCarthy makes The Simpsons

Watch the whole episode here.  Sorry, international readers, I think this only works in the US.

Also notable in this episode: pop star Alaska Nebraska, a stand-in for Lindsay Britney Montana or some suchlike. Us here in the Great American Desert develop an eagle eye for any mentions of God’s country from a very early age.   Hearing mention of the purple state, in howsoever obscure a reference,  is just as exciting today as that little asterisk Nebraska got in the World Almanac for having the only unicameral legislature in the USA was when I was a kid.

Anyhow, here she is:

Alaska Nebraska