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Snake in a storm

Frothing outrage continues at the latest profit-raking on Wall Street.  Yes, the ubercapitalists went on the dole, got a few hundred billion free bucks, and proceeded to manufacture more money.  Indignation ensues.  I fail to understand.  Did you expect the greedy snakes to donate their takings to the Ladies Quilting Circle down at the Senior Center?

Puts me in mind of a hoary morality tale.  An old woman is painfully making her way through the forest in a spring blizzard, shawl and coat pulled tight against the bitter cold.  She comes upon a snake nearly frozen in a snowdrift.  Taking pity on the creature, she puts it inside her blouse, warming it against her skin.  She makes her way back to her cottage and lights a fire and continues to warm the reptile against her own skin until gradually it revives.  The snake slithers onto her lap where it coils up and proceeds to bites her in the neck.

As the woman lays dying, she says, “But I saved your life.”

The snake flicks its tongue and says, “Bitch, you knew I was a snake!”