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Noir Nation #2 cover

You’re staring at this. Of course you want to pick it up. Me, too. Your chance is coming soon: Noir Nation will hit the ecosystem later this summer:

My story “Slog On,” a bit of World War II noir, is behind those cat-like eyes, along with top-notch noir from Les Edgerton, Thomas Pluck, Ray Banks, Paul D Brazill, Andrew Nette, & others. Edited by Eddie Vega & Cort Mcmeel.

Noir Nation highlights the best of international crime fiction and I’m damn proud to get to rub shoulder with these folks.

Border Noir cover by Noe Vela

First peek at the cover of Border Noir, edited by Alvaro Rodriguez (co-writer of Machete), attacking your eyeballs later this summer:

“St. Teresa of Avila’s Day” is tucked away behind that cover. Noe Vela is the cover artist and Vao Publishing is putting this out. David Bowles  runs the show over there. Thanks very much to all of them for the opportunity to thrust more noir out into the world. Thanks also to Shotgun Honey for first taking this hardnosed ditty.