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Two questions from the Thai high school final exam – can you pass?

First Question:

“Locals have found a bizarre item. It is round and soft. If it is not fed water, it shrinks and becomes a hard object. This hard object, when given water, will return to its soft, bigger condition. What is it?” The alternatives were: a) The egg of the Naga; b) The egg of a giant salamander; c) Quartz; d) Flour balls in milk tea; or e) Hydrogel.

Pictures may help:

A) A naga egg:

(Which comes from a naga, which is this:)


B) Giant salamander egg(s): (I think)

C) Quartz

D) Flour balls in milk tea (a really quite delicious dessert which I consumed many a time when I lived in Thailand):

E) Hydrogel (I think this is what they meant):

Second Question: 

“If you have a sexual urge, what should you do?” The available alternatives are: a) Ask friends if you can play football together; b) Consult family members; c) Try to sleep; d) Go out with a friend of the opposite sex; or e) Invite a close friend to watch a movie together.

Well, what should you?

Answer in the comments if you want to take a shot.

H/t Drinkin’ Tokyo & The Stranger.

From the Laramie Wal-mart – Go Big Red!

UPDATE: Someone who works for Coca-Cola in Wyoming reports that this is a real picture.  Awesome.

Couple students told me I need to get rid of that Nebraska hat when I came in the building this morning.  I soldier on.  I will not be deterred!

This Saturday, Nebraska vs. Wyoming.  I’ll be there.

I don’t know if this picture is real, and I don’t care.  Supposedly taken at the Laramie Wal-Mart – GBR!

My prediction, since you asked: NEB 48 – WYO 13