"Back In Black" to be in Off The Record anthology coming your way soon

Luca Veste, editor of Guilty Conscience, is editing an anthology and very kindly invited me to take part.  The concept:

Guilty Conscience will be publishing a collection of short stories from some top names in writing. Named ‘OFF THE RECORD’ it’ll be based on a prompt of Classic Song Titles, each writer will be contributing a short story to the anthology.
Some confirmed names to whet your appetite…
Ray Banks, Helen Fitzgerald, Nick Quantrill, Les Edgerton, Simon Logan, Paul D. Brazill, Thomas Pluck, Nigel Bird, Steve Weddle, AJ Hayes, Court Merrigan, Chad Rohrbacher, Patti Abbot, Darren Sant, Ian Ayris, Julie Morrigan, Col Bury, R Thomas Brown, David Barber and many more…
Thirty writers in total. Now, I hear you ask, who did you have to trade favours too in order to get these people on board…well the answer is no one. Because all these lovely and talented writers, whilst having sick and twisted minds, are all about helping out the less fortunate.
So, for the first six weeks, ‘Off The Record’ will be on sale for under a pound/dollar and every last penny/cent of profit will go to charity.

Cool, eh?  I’m damn honored to have my name up there with these folks.

The song I chose is “Back In Black,” which hardly requires an introduction from me.  Nearly got the piece knocked out, too.  It’s going to be a good one, I think.  Set in my second-favorite setting, the Big Dirty, aka Pattaya, Thailand.  Updates to follow.

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