An acceptance – Midwestern Gothic

Normally the South has the market cornered on gothic, but the folks at Midwestern Gothic are working to change them.  Glad I could help out with my story “Rooster Stew.” 

Not sure when Rooster Stew will go live but rest assured I’ll keep you posted here.  Thanks to Robert and readers who read the piece and gave it the thumbs up.

This story originally formed a smallish chapter of a novel manuscript.  I edited it somewhat to make it a better stand-alone piece.  The storyline is fictional, of course, but elements in it are straight memory dumps from childhood, making this story as personal a piece as I have out there in the world.  It makes me not a little nervous, frankly, that this is so.

“Rooster Stew” was rejected 6 times before finding a home.

3 thoughts on “An acceptance – Midwestern Gothic

  1. Nicolette Wong

    I remember checking out this journal and thought, ‘hmm. my stuff isn’t exactly gothic’ (though at times it leans towards the fantastic). maybe i should take another look.

    congrats and look forward to reading it!

  2. Court Merrigan Post author

    Thanks, Tman.

    Nicolette,I’m no expert, but I think the definition of gothic is pretty elastic. I think some of what you’ve written would definitely work. Also, according to Duotrope, they sport a pretty inviting acceptance rate.

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