A writer is paid in hope – interview at Dark Sky

Brad Green and I had a conversation over at Dark Sky about writing, the expat life, and how a struggling writer is paid not in currency, but in hope.

The real cost of taking a real shot at the writer’s life isn’t the lost income (although there’s that, too), but in what Taleb calls the subtle humiliations at the watercooler. Faulkner pointed out fifty years ago that the writer has no place in American society. Little has changed since then, other than the growth of MFA-sponsored refuges, and your only choice as a writer is to keep on working. And hope.

Maybe you’ll get your big break, maybe you’ll get published in The Paris Review, get a hotshot agent, or sell 10,000 copies of your self-published Kindle book. But don’t count on it. As Taleb says, you may spend years working for a grand vindication that will never come.

If you are a struggling writer, you are not paid in currency. You are paid in hope.

Please head on over to Dark Sky and have a look.