Monthly Archives: December 2012

Bye, 2012 – a sort of summing up

In 2012, my dad died. I understand what they mean when they say a man is born twice: the first time, and when his father dies.

moondog coverIn 2012 I hit a lifetime goal: got a book deal. Buy MOONDOG OVER THE MEKONG, if you would. I’m going to have a lot more to say about the book next year.

This site will be upgraded shortly, to aid in that.

God, a whole bunch of other stuff happened, especially with my writing. But I’ve pretty much shifted the up-to-date news to Twitter and Facebook. You’re following me, right? (Am I following you?) We’re friends, right? Get in now, before I have to make one of those pages you can only Like.

I may listen to too much country music. Ada, 5, asked me today out of the blue, “Dad, why does that guy only think about her when he’s drunk? Is it because he’s a rambling man?”

(Answers: yes and yes.)

On the other hand, the only meal I can consistently get Waylon, 2, to eat is red meat and potatoes. So I’m doing right somewheres.

See you in 2013.

(Song & video somewhat NSFW.)