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Breaking into the mansion

The mansion was the way I’d always feared a mansion would be, only more so. In my fear I’d never managed to conjure the spectacular astounding details. A quick inventory of only this one room made me hate myself. Made me hate myself and all my type that came before me. This mansion was sixteen levels higher than any place I’d ever been among.

As I stared about – gawked, probably – I likely blushed pink to go along with those trembles.

I’d say what such things as I saw in that room were, if I knew the proper names of such things, though I’d bet heavy I’ve never heard those names spoken. I’m sure such things have personal names – those moody lampshades made of beadwork, and a chair and a footstool put together with, like, weaved leather hung on frames of curled iron or polished rare bones, maybe, and end tables that had designs stabbed into them and stuffed with gold leaf or something precious, a small and swank desk over by the far wall, and a bookshelf so old our Revolution must’ve happened off to the sides of it, carved up with fine points and nicely shined, with a display of tiny statues and dolls arranged just so all across it.

Pretty soon I crawled away from the light, back to the dark parts of the mansion. That sinking feeling set in. Truly, I felt scared, embarrassed for the poorly decorated life I was born to.

The mansion is not but about a rifle shot distant from the trailer park, but it seemed like I’d undergone interplanetary travel. I’d never collided with this world before.

– Daniel Woodrell, Tomato Red

This Coptic priest kicks ass, thinks you ought to buy MOONDOG OVER THE MEKONG

Before the news:

Eritrean Askari and Coptic Priest, circa 1903. Chartered by God to kick ass. He decrees that you need purchase MOONDOG OVER THE MEKONG. For the good of your soul.


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Also, plans are afoot for a total site redesign as well as all kinds of other news. Soonish. Stay tuned.