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Images drawn from Dostoevsky could cause Moscow commuters to kill themselves

Crime and Punishment.

The opening of Dostoevsky Station on the Moscow Metro has been delayed because of fears its murals will push depressed commuters over the brink .  The murals depict scenes from Crime and Punishment and The Devils.  “Grim?”  “Suicidal?”  Dostoevsky?  Who knew?

Interview in the Star-Herald

My local newspaper, the Star-Herald, and its sister publications, ran a nice article on me today. Pretty good boiling down of why I came home: for family and the land.  Wish the novel was published, rather than still in “goal” stage.  Well, I’m working on it.  Just have to get an agent to agree that it’s worth putting out there in the world.

I rambled on and on in the interview, but thankfully it doesn’t show.  No doubt there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

As an aside, during the course of the interview I mentioned half a dozen or more authors to whom I am indebted.  The only one to make the papers was Faulkner.  Coincidentally, I ran across a link this morning that listed the ole Dixie Express as the greatest writer of all time (ahead of Shakespeare, Milton, Nabokov, Homer, Dickens, Dante, and Doestoyevsky).  I wouldn’t list him so high, I don’t think, even if he is my personal favorite, but it was some good synchronicity nonetheless.

The writer, Katie Bradshaw, blogs about Wyobraska here.


Well, Molly Norris is a coward.  She started “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”, (which she now dubs EDMD) but is now trying to call it off:

I did NOT ‘declare’ May 20 to be “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” I made a cartoon about the television show South Park being censored. I wish that was what our energies were going toward — protesting’s threat to Comedy Central, and Comedy Central’s over reaction to it which set America on a slippery slope toward censorship!  … My one-off cartoon does not work well as a long-term plan. The vitriol this ‘day’ has brought out, of people who only want to draw obscene images, is offensive to Muslims who did nothing to endanger our right to expression in the first place. Only Viacom and Revolution Muslim are to blame, so…draw them instead!

Right, Molly.  Hope the hypocrisy tastes better going down than it did coming up.  At least she has a sense of humor about it, posting this on her webpage (not that it excuses the sycophantic mention of her attending a Muslim Association of Puget Sound meeting, or her plastering her page with pictures of the new Miss America):

The point, though, is not to draw Mohammed.  That sort of provacateuring is best left to Southpark and various other juveniles, funny as they can sometimes be.  Righteous blasphemy is about as ubiquitous as porn on the internet. I don’t have to engage in it myself to cherish freedom of expression.  No, real problems only set in when folks cower in fear, like Molly Norris.

So, to quote Jon Stewart, to anyone who is threatening death in the name of religion or politics: go fuck yourself.  Now, let’s carry on.

Bangkok burns

I’m not sure, but I think this is the CentralWorld shopping center in Bangkok:

When I first moved to Thailand I used to meet up with cronies at the food court several times a week there, and was constantly seeking refuge in the air conditioning when traversing downtown on various teaching gigs.  Now the protestors have set it on fire and there’s a curfew, even out in the village where we used to live.   Thailand used to just stagger on.  Now I fear it’s on the verge of falling over. It sure isn’t looking good.

Image from godalone.


Those of you out there already planning what to get me for Christmas and / or birthday, I’ll make it easy for you.  I want this T-shirt:

Or if they’re out of that, this one:

Either will do, really.  Thanks.

See the whole collection at Novel-T.  Single-handedly proving that you can never lose faith in American pop culture.