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Tom Conoboy and Wrong Tomorrow

A couple of sites worth taking a good look at:

Tom Conoboy’s Writing Blog:

Conoboy has been at it since 2006, and he writes as fine a review as I’ve come across on the web. In-depth, insightful, and chock full of good details. I’m not sure who his intended audience is; I think he’s mostly writing the reviews in an attempt to understand the books himself. The books he chooses are invariably difficult ones, this is some solace if you are reading or have read them yourself. And it’s honest: his latest review starts this way: “Well, it’s not often I’m completely flummoxed, but The Sound and the Fury has managed it.” He then goes on to explore his confusion for 1200 words, a noble effort if ever there was one.

His tastes are unabashedly high-brow. Have a look at the Labels: Nietzsche, Cormac McCarthy, Rousseau, traditional music, liberty, among others. In a time when you can’t go in your backyard without seeing a blurb for Twilight, I’m going to call this a decidedly good thing.

Conoboy is also a published author in his own right. Have a look at some of his credits here.

Wrong Tomorrow:

Time vs. the Pundits is this brand-new site’s moniker and that’s just what it is. Hear some talking head make some prediction? Send it in to Wrong Tomorrow and let’s see if time bears them out. There are plenty up there already. For instance:

matt simmons:
“We could be looking at $10-a-gallon gas this winter.” – 2005-09-28 148 weeks ago



ray kurzweil:
“Full immersion audio/visual virtual reality will exist.” – 2005-09-22 91 weeks



gerald celente:
“by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.” – 2008-11-10 143 weeks


For now the “registered” predictions are pretty tech-heavy. I think that may change in time if this site gets the publicity it deserves. The site also currently lacks an RSS feed but it’s only been up a day and a half so I bet there will be one soon.

Bookmark it. Maybe the pundits (I’m talking to you, Jim Cramer) will give a little more thought to their prognostications if they know they’re going to be tracked and called out on them. Set up by Maciej Ceglowski, this site is brilliant in its simplicity. Head there and keep tabs on just how “expert” the experts are.